Seed Information

It is recommended that you use only black oil sunflower seeds.  A great many bird species prefer them to bulk seed mixtures.  Birds often waste large quantities of seed as they select the premium seeds and discard the rest.

Feeder Maintenance

Seed feeders require regular maintenance. Removal of seed husks, droppings and other debris is essential.   No feeder is completely mess free.   Seeds are dropped or thrown out by birds as they sort the seeds. It is important to check the ground around your feeder on a regular basis.

Locating Backyard Feeders

Bird feeders should be in a position, which allows easy viewing. This will provide you with a great deal of enjoyment as well as wonderful photographic opportunities.  Secondly, feeders should be near vegetation, small trees or bushes that will provide protection for the smaller species of birds that will visit your feeder.